Most people use MicroSD and SD cards to expand the internal storage capacity of their electronic devices, especially smartphones and cameras. The use of SD cards has seen a significant rise in recent years. This is majorly owing to their small size and large storage capacities. They are used to store a variety of digital data, including photos and videos. Another benefit of using SD cards is that you can swap one for another once their storage capacities are reached. This can help you create huge libraries of photos and videos that you can view whenever you want to. SD cards provide you a flexible way of deciding the storage capacity that you want to have on your device, which consequently helps increase the number of photos and videos that you can store.

Photos and videos are memories of your life’s special moments. It could be the first steps of your child or you and your beloved taking the nuptial vows. You wouldn’t want to lose these memories no matter what. So when you use SD or MicroSD cards to store these photos and videos, you need to be very careful that you don’t lose them due to your own negligence or their failure. SD cards are exposed to corruption, which is one of the reasons for data loss. In some cases, you can also delete videos and photos accidentally. And you very well know that it is impossible to recreate these beautiful moments. Now, if you haven’t lost the SD card, there is still hope. There are several MicroSD data recovery techniques to get your lost data back.

Common scenarios for data loss on SD cards

It is often the case that you don’t have enough space to store your favorite photos and videos. The internal device storage on your smartphone or camera is usually not enough for all favorite memories. And if you are a professional photographer, you know how important a tool a MicroSD or SD card is. These are great tools for expanding the storage of your device. But you can also lose your data in some situations, such as

  • You unintentionally delete photos and videos from the SD card
  • You accidentally formal the SD card without creating a backup
  • The SD card gets corrupt due to an error or malware attack

How does MicroSD card data recovery work?

If you don’t already know, let us tell you that when a photo or video gets deleted from your MicroSD card or for that other storage device, such as flash drives and hard drives, it isn’t lost right away. There is still time to recover it. In most cases, that space on your MicroSD card is made available for re-writing. Though those files are not visible to you, they are on the card until they get overwritten with some other data. So the first thing that you need to do when you realize that you have lost some data on your card is to stop using it. If you continue to use it, the chances are that you will overwrite those files with other data. In other words, if you don’t capture more photos and videos when the SD card is still there on your device, you have a chance of getting the lost data back.

Ways to recover photos and videos from your SD card

As long as the lost data is not overwritten, you can recover it using the ‘CMD’ command and ‘attrib’ command. You can also look for it in the existing backup. If you are fortunate enough, you will get your data back using these simple methods.

There are situations in which things can go out of your hand. So you may be required to pay some money to get the lost data back in those situations. Are you someone who doesn’t believe in creating backups to have a copy of it available when you lose it? Or did you find out about the lost files after a few days? And now, you don’t see those photos and videos in the deleted files. This is where SD card data recovery solutions come into play. There are free SD card data recovery software solutions available out there, but they don’t always work. You may have to go for a paid version in some situations.

Or you can also look for companies that provide Micro SD card data recovery in Perth, Melbourne and other locations. These companies usually have certified technicians who have all the tools and technologies to provide you SD card data recovery in Perth, Melbourne, and other locations. These services are often the last resort for people to get their photos and videos back. Make sure that you don’t dally on the decision too much. You may lose your data once and for all if you delay. Start looking out for options as soon as you find out about data loss.

Tips to not lose MicroSD card data again

If you have found a way to recover your photos and videos, make sure you are careful enough not to lose them again. It is important not to repeat earlier mistakes. Here are a few tips that can help you not lose photos and videos stored in your SD card again:

  • Immediately create a backup of all your important files
  • When transferring data from one device to another, copy and paste works better than and is a safer choice than cut and paste
  • Buy reliable MicroSD cards
  • Make sure you are formatting your SD card only after you have created a back of your files
  • Don’t use your SD card once you find out about the loss of data


No matter how you lose important photos and videos from your SD card, you should know there are ways to recover them. You just need to proactively. We have given you enough ways that can help you recover all the lost data. So the next time you find yourself in such a situation, don’t panic, just look for the right way.