Losing data is like losing money these days. Data hasn’t ever been so important than it is now. So you all the different ways of recovering your data must incase you lose due to any reason. We will be specifically talking about recovering data from SD card on Mac.

Everyone is aware that SD cards are portable media used for storing data. They can be used with a variety of devices to store and transfer data. Apart from other devices, SD cards are also compatible with Mac devices. Most people around the world that use Mac devices use SD cards when it comes to data storage.

So if somehow you delete essential documents, images, or videos from your SD card, you need to know the ways you can use to recover those files before they are lost forever. The first two ways we are going to discuss with you are for instances during which your Mac device and the SD card were connected. If you deleted some files during such cases, you could recover them from the trash folder.

Trash folder corresponds to Windows’ Recycle Bin. It is a location on your Mac devices that holds all the deleted data temporarily. So the Trash Folder on your Mac will have those files that you deleted when your SD card connected to the device. As long as you haven’t used the ‘delete immediately’ option or permanently removed all the files from the Trash Folder, you will recover your data.

You can also recover the deleted data from the SD card on Mac by using macOS unique feature – Time Machine. It is a free backup that stores your data on a hard drive externally connected to your Mac device. However, you need to define the settings to benefit from this feature. So you need to establish an external hard drive as the backup drive or the Time Machine. Also, you need to ensure that you even list your SD card with other storage media that should be backed up in the Time Machine before any data stored on them is deleted. If you have defined these settings before deleting data from the SD card, you will recover even those files that have been permanently deleted.

Now there are ways that you can use to recover deleted files from the SD card even if it was not connected to your Mac device when the deletion happened. There are several data recovery applications available for this purpose. However, they don’t always work, and most of them are not even available for free. In that case, you need to find a service that can help you with Mac data recovery in Melbourne and Perth. Not every Mac data recovery service provides SD card recovery in Melbourne and Perth. So you may have to do lots of research to find people who do this job and are good at it.