In Windows, keeping your data safe and secure is a fairly easy job. Windows offer the feature of BitLocker encryption which is an efficient way to encrypt a great number of files and data. This protects the data as well as the files from any unauthorized access and hence the data stays safe. Enabling the BitLocker over any hard disk, SD card or any USB flash drive encodes the contents of the drive that are stored in it. Therefore, the contents of the drive stay protected.

But, you may end up in a situation where you may format the encrypted hard drive. As a result of that, all your data can get lost rendering you in a disastrous position. Hard Drive Recovery Melbourne turns out to be a very grave issue. It is because the data once erased can be pretty hard to be regained, especially if the disk has been formatted. Through careful and planned out Hard Disk Repair Melbourne and Perth, the data can be retrieved back and you can gain access to all your crucial files. 

What Are The Reasons That May Lead To Formatting Of The Hard Drive?

There may be several reasons that can lead to the formatting of the hard drive, which makes the Hard Drive Recovery Melbourne an important step. Here are some of the key reasons why it can happen:

  • Unintentional or Accidental: Possibly one of the most common reasons that lead to loss of data is when you format the disk accidentally. This can happen when you wanted to format a different disk but accidentally end up formatting the important data from some other disk.
  • Intentional Formatting: There may be a situation where the hard drive can turn RAW and cannot be read anymore. Under such a situation, formatting the hard disk is the only solution left to make it work again. But, the negative part about this is, formatting the disk leads to permanent deletion of files and important data.
  • Virus Attack: Virus is malicious code that affects the hard drive and damages all the contents. Under such circumstances, the firewall of your computer or the antivirus may block the activity of the disk. This will make it necessary for you to opt for Hard Disk Repair Melbourne and Perth to retrieve all your data.

Irrespective of the scenario that has led you to format your disk, being able to retrieve all your crucial files by Hard Drive Recovery Melbourne is of prime concern. To be able to do that, you need to follow a systematic procedure that can help you gain back access to your files efficiently and safely. 

How Can An Encrypted Drive be Decrypted?

The first important step to retrieve the data from your encrypted BitLocker is to decrypt it and remove the security patch. And for decrypting, you can opt for the following methods:

  • BitLocker Encryption Feature: This is one of the simplest steps using which the decryption of the files can be done.  Go to Control Panel and choose BitLocker Drive Encryption from System and Security. When you click on “Decrypt Drive”, it automatically decrypts and unlocks the drive. 
  • Using Certificates For Decryption: If you have certificates for your drive and you wish to get Hard Disk Repair Melbourne and Perth, you have to go to Start and type in “certmgr.msc” and then click on Enter. From the Certificate Manager, choose the Personal Folder and then click on ‘Action’ and then on ‘All Tasks’. From the next page onwards, follow the on-screen guidance of the Certificate Import Wizard.
  • Utilizing The Windows GUI: Recovery of data can also be done using the Windows GUI Mode but you must have the administrator credentials to be able to disable the encryption of the BitLocker. Although this method can take a little bit of time for encryption it is a very efficient way to do Hard Drive Recovery Melbourne.

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How Can The Data Be Restored From The Drives?

Once the decryption has been done, you must find the right way to do Hard Disk Repair Melbourne and Perth and render all your files back. With dedicated Hard Drive Recovery Melbourne software, retrieving the data becomes a lot simpler. Through dedicated data recovery software like Stellar Data Recovery, you can very easily ensure Hard Disk Repair Melbourne and Perth and recover your data. This software is capable of getting lost, erased as well as inaccessible data very efficiently from the hard drive.

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With the help of expert support from Recovery Squad, Hard Drive Recovery Melbourne becomes a lot easier task. With us, you can rest assured to receive the best recovery services. Our services are not only certified, but they also offer 100% safety to the user and maintain the confidentiality of their data. Moreover being in the field for a long time, the Hard Disk Repair Melbourne and Perth services rendered to you by us are unparallel.