Whether you are an individual or business, keeping in mind the flow of information that you get on a daily basis can become a very tough job after sometime. This is where data storage devices come into play. They help you store all the information that comes your way on a regular basis in a centralized location. A hard drive is one such storage device that comes in very handy for storing huge amounts of data. You can choose the storage space that you need the hard drive to have depending on the data that comes to you every day. 

Hard drives allow you easy and fast access to any of this data whenever you need it. But there is one thing that you can’t really predict when it comes to a hard drive. Formatting the hard drive can result in data loss if you haven’t already backed up data. You can lose your work documents, photos, and videos amongst other files forever. Before we talk about other things, let us first see the reasons why you need to format your hard drive. 

Why perform hard drive formatting?

Most of the times, data loss in hard drives occur due to physical reasons. However, sometimes human error is also responsible, even though these occasions are very few and far between. For instance, if you go ahead with formatting the hard drive without creating a backup of the data that it holds, you may lose all this data once and for all. There could be several reasons why someone would format their hard drive. 

If there is no proper air flow inside the CPU or the fan isn’t working, it can lead to your hard drive crashing due to overheating. When the hard drive crashes, you will hear clicking sounds coming from the device. Another reason why people format their hard drives is when they can’t get through the booting process and accessing files becomes a problem. 

There are certain internal failures as well that may cause the hard drive to not function as it is supposed to. There are mechanical failures that can make files on the drive inaccessible or corrupt. Internal failures such as these can also give you a blank screen after booting is done. Unstable power supply can also lead to hard drive failure. In most cases, it either due to using voltages that are too low or high or power that comes from an unreliable source.

Human errors are also a big reason. Formatting a hard drive accidentally without taking a backup can lead to loss of data. Also, installing OS wrongly can also result in hard drive failure. Finally, the last reason why formatting is required is due to corrupted files. So if your computer shuts down suddenly due to any reason, some files stored in the drive can get corrupt. It consequently leads to the failure of the hard drive. Another reason why files get corrupted is installation and use of programs that are exposed to virus. 

When is data recovery possible?

Whether you are looking for hard data recovery in Melbourne or any other location, you need to know that leaving aside a few very complex data loss situations, it is possible to recover data from a formatted hard drive in almost all the other situations. What you should know is the formatting doesn’t remove the data forever. It deletes it from then address tables. The files that have been deleted due to formatting are still there on the drive until new files are stored over those. 

So to improve the chances of data recovery, make sure you stop using the device as soon as possible. If you don’t do it, you will overwrite data, which will result in loss of those data files forever. The next step is to look for the options available for hard drive recovery in Perth or Melbourne or any other location. Another thing that you should know is that full formatting of the hard drive leaves no alternative to retrieve lost data. You can only recover data when the drive is fast formatted. 

Why creating a backup important?

When you backup all the data stored in internal as well as external hard drives, you will have no problem in recovering data due to problematic or accidental formatting. Backups should be done on a regular basis. They are a great way to keep your entire data safe against any emergency in the future. Also, you may have to use different backup schedules for different data types. But that shouldn’t be a problem. 

You can create backups of your static data at regular intervals. However, it is important to create backup of your dynamic data on a daily basis, at least once every day. Mission-critical data of banks and financial institutions needs be backed up every few hours, every day. Now you can restore the backups that you created earlier to your formatted hard drive without any loss of data in the process if there was no error during the creation of those backups. 

Recovering data from formatted hard drive

Amongst the best ways of recovering data from a formatted hard drive is using one of the hard drive data recovery tools. This is the ideal way to recover your data in an easy and quick manner. There is no point using a tool that takes too much of your time in figuring out how to use it. You should look out for a data recovery tool that comes with a high recovery rate, which means the amount of lost data that it will help your recover. 

Another way is to look out for a hard drive data recovery service in Melbourne. Make sure that they have the required expertise, experience, and technology for the job. These services can help you recover data even in the most complex of data loss situations.