Recently, we had an enquiry to recover the data from a corrupted Western Digital (WD) My Book Live Nas Drive. Client called on our free consultation number and talked to some of our data recovery engineers for a quick evaluation of the NAS Drive.


After the media analysis, we found out that the drive had suffered RAID corruption. Because of the corruption the RAID was not mountable. This issue likewise corrupted the file system of the RAID setup and meta data was not visible ( only RAW Recovery ).


Before diving into the solution we provided to the client , let’s first understand some common causes behind NAS drive data loss.

Common causes of My Book Live NAS Drive Data Loss

Did you know that Western Digital (WD) has asked its customers to instantly turn off their My Book Live gadgets from the internet? The organization is right now examining the disk wipe issue looked at by its customers. Let’s see what are some ways to lose NAS Drive Data:


Overheating: One normal explanation is overheating, which makes serious harm to your WD My Book Live gadget. Albeit, these gadgets are intended to work all day, every day to serve your cloud storage needs and give extreme accessibility. However, their cooling framework can fall flat on multiple events.


Power Cuts: The power supply of your WD My Book Live gadget assumes a significant part with regards to its stable running. On the off chance that you have ceaseless power loss, your WD My Book Live gadget is helpless and might show files loss.


Storage expansion: While increasing the storage, the WD My Book Live gadget goes into RAID rebuilding mode. The whole cycle is thorough and requires extra responsibility. A potential blackout or vacillation in your voltage can turn into an obstacle to their storage augmentation process.

How did we help the client ?

As we detected an issue with the RAID structure corruption. Our experts do the initial scan of the entire drive and check for error clusters to provide him with a quick initial judgment on what might be wrong. We solved the issue in three stages. Let’s see what are those stages:

Stage 1: Dismantle WD My Book Live Hard Drive from Chassis

Our specialists ventured out to eliminate the NAS drive from the plastic skeleton that secures the drive. There are different other inside parts that are utilized to hold the hard drive, ports, equipment, and PCB board. This was finished with the assistance of a bunch of specific gear and tools.


Try not to dismantle the hard drive all alone. It might harm your hard drive and prompt the permanent loss of files. It is constantly prescribed to take the assistance of specialists to eliminate WD My Book Live hard drive from the case.

Stage 2: Using a set of algorithms and coding

Subsequent to taking out the hard drive, it should be plugged into the PC framework to play out the recovery cycle. Associating this hard drive to the PC is not the same as other conventional outer hard drives. It requires different arrangements of the cable according to the interface of the hard drive. Once more, it requires proficient data recovery specialists to recognize the hard drive interface to associate it with the system.


Subsequent to interfacing the hard drive with the system, our specialists continued the process by utilizing special programming with a set of different tools and software. This process is prescribed to perform data recovery from hard drives, utilized in NAS, virtual machines,  RAID, and cloud storage.

Stage 3: Handing the data back to the client

When the data was restored back, our data management advisor helped the client in confirming the information through an online or personal meeting (as per their choice). The client confirmed the total information through the virtual meeting. Post his affirmation, the information recovery cycle was finished. Handing over the data in another storage medium chosen by the client with utmost safety and security.

Closing Note:

Often people indulge in recovering data from their NAS Drive on their own by reading an outdated blog online. They download worthless software online and run a data recovery process by reading an online manual. You should know that this way you can lose your data permanently. Sometimes, you need to let the experts solve issues rather than handle them on your own.