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Data Recovery Services in Abbotsford

When Are Data Recovery Services Needed?

Data Recovery becomes necessary whenever you are unable to turn on your electronic device.  This system failure could be caused by any of a number of things, including accidental damage, misuse by a user, a component malfunction, malicious programs, or a battery/electrical issue.  Whatever the cause is, such a catastrophic issue blocks your access to precious, or even irreplaceable, data and could prove disastrous for you or your business. 

As you can imagine, a business cannot survive long without its financial data, customer files, and other information related to its operations.  Of course, this is the very problem you suddenly face, without warning, when you cannot turn on your computer one day.  While this exceedingly unfortunate situation may sound relatively unlikely to you, it happens all the time.  If you ever experience this problem, rest assured that we can help you.  Our technicians have helped numerous individuals and businesses successfully recover their data from the following electronics, electronic storage media and corruptions:

  • √ Android Mobile Devices
  • √ iPhones & Other Apple Mobile Devices
  • √ Laptops
  • √ Desktops
  • √ Hard Drives
  • √ File Structure Corruptions
  • √ Email Data Corruptions
  • √ Solid State Drives (SSD)
  • √ USB Flash Drives
  • √ SD Cards
  • √ RAIDs
  • √ NAS Systems

Damaged Hard Drive Data Recovery in Abbotsford

Much of our data today is stored on hard drives, so data retrieval from this storage medium is crucial.  Hard drives are found either inside your computer or are external devices connected to it via a USB cable.  While external drives are more portable and convenient than internal ones, they are more susceptible to potential injury because they are not protected by an external computer case.  Luckily, regardless of the kind of hard drive you use, we are likely able to help you recover your data from hard drive after an incident.  Our technicians, using the most advanced technology, tools and proprietary data recovery software, are among the best in the industry at recovering files from damaged hard drives.

What Can I Do to Limit Additional Damage After an Incident Occurs?

Once your computer is damaged or data loss is encountered, there are some steps you can take to limit additional damage and potential irrecoverable file losses.

 First, immediately stop using your hard drive.  Second, do not attempt to fix the drive yourself or use free online recovery tools.  Doing any of the aforementioned could result in the permanent loss of files.  If you need any help or questions answered, contact us.  As soon as you can, fill out our online form so that we can assess your particular situation.  Then, at your earliest convenience, bring in or send your laptop/external hard drive to us for service.

What Can We Fix?

Every day we rely on hard drives to store all of our most important information.  Most of us never realize that these storage workhorses can be quite fragile and have a finite lifespan.Unfortunately, these drives are mechanical, relatively easy to damage, and eventually break down and fail.  Our Hard drive data recovery experts are trained and experienced in dealing with all mechanical and logical failures.  Using innovative techniques and state-of-the-art equipment, we have achieved an exceedingly high success rate in dealing with the most common hard drive issues.  These problems include, among other things:  

  • √ Head Damage/Failures
  • √ Platter Damage
  • √ Malfunctioning Controller
  • √ Damage to the Electronic Board
  • √ Problems with Firmware
  • √ Corruptions (Structural & File)
  • √ Issues Related to Malware and Viruses
  • √ Accidental Deletions

Expert Solid State Drive (SSD) Recovery in Abbotsford

Increasingly, solid state drives (SSD) are used as an alternate storage option.  While these drives are still generally more expensive than hard drives, they do offer some useful benefits that hard drives do not:  SSDs access information more quickly; are more resistant to physical shocks; are quieter; and do not suffer mechanical component failures.  However, although these drives do not suffer mechanical failures, they do experience electronic element failures.  Also, SSD flash chip damage and logical storage issues can contribute to data loss.  Fortunately, we are experts in SSD flash recovery and are able to access the complex data structures of most manufacturers.  Using proprietary tools and innovative techniques we can accomplish the seemingly impossible.

What are the Common Reasons Files are Lost on SSDs?

There are several reasons you might experience file losses on your SSD.  These mostly involve the following electrical issues and electronic component failures/malfunctions:

  • √ Blown Capacitors
  • √ Circuit Board Damage
  • √ Connector Damage
  • √ Degeneration of Flash Chip
  • √ Failure of Controller Chip
  • √ Firmware Update-Related Corruption
  • √ Power Supply Failure
  • √ Power Surges

How Can Our Advanced Tools and Techniques Recover Your Data?

Our advanced tools and techniques enable us to perform many seemingly miraculous recoveries.  With our resources and methods, we are able to: 

  • √ Find Damaged Memory Chips
  • √ Access the Content of Memory Chips Directly
  • √ Emulate Translator Operations to Access Data
  • √ Recover SSD’s Service Sector’s Information
  • √ Examine & Add To the Drive’s ROM Content
  • √ Load Microcode Through SSD’s RAM
  • √ Deactivate Background Processes to Avert Data Damage
  • √ Recover Data from the Newest Flash Controllers that Use Novel XOR Algorithms

As you can probably tell, salvaging data from SSDs is much more complex and difficult than doing so from hard drives.  Since SSDs cannot be repaired like hard drives, our technicians must disassemble them in the lab.  Once this is done, they have to analyze and recover your data using specialized programmer tools.  Considering the complexity of this whole process, it is important to call us immediately whenever you have SSD data loss.

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