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Why you Need Reliable Data Recovery Service

Have you ever encountered a situation where your important data got lost, broken or deleted? Most people abandon their computer and consider it a lost case but stop for a minute and think about the information you have on your hard drive. This may include photos of your family and friends, home movies, birthdays, school yearbook photos, vacation videos, letters from your kids or your spouse, draft documents or even tax related financial records. Then why give up if there is still a small chance the data is recoverable?

The last thing you would want is to lose any data on the computer or hard drive. You need someone who will help to recover your data quickly. That is where Recovery Squad’s comes in. Our experienced technicians can get your data back in no time at all and at a reasonable price too. Our current technicians have more than 10 years of experience in data recovery services so you are in good hands no matter what situation arises.

Recovery Squad offers the most essential services needed for a PC or laptop user in the modern world. Imagine a situation where you may need to submit urgent work to your manager, but your computer freezes and gives you a fatal error on screen. Since hard drives are mechanical devices that have moving parts, they tend to wear down sooner or later. Because of this it is not possible to rely on them as permanent storage devices. If you find your computer giving up on your trust and showing corrupted or deleted files, it is a sign of data loss.

The scenario of data loss occurs frequently across Yarrambat. If it has not happened to you yet, you may find yourself stressing about hard drive failure at times when your business information needs the most conservation. Losing data at such a time can have disastrous consequences if it isn’t recovered. Recovery Squad is here to help you with hard drive data recovery in Yarrambat. We have helped several individuals as well as businesses in getting back up after encountering a data loss causing system meltdown. Our services in Yarrambat are meant to help with a wide range of crashed mediums and help recover your data in the shortest possible duration.

Hard Drive Data Recovery in Yarrambat

At Recovery Squad, we pride ourselves in our high success rate in recovering data from hard disk drives – both internal and external. If you find yourself experiencing a hard drive crash in Yarrambat and your data is too precious to be lost, don’t panic, and bring your drive to us for checking.

We recover data from various hard drive brands including:

We understand the importance that digital data holds for modern businesses and would like to implement the best data recovery strategies that can recover your data without creating any more problems such as permanent deletion. At Recovery Squad, our focus is on utilizing the technological advancements at our disposal and ensure that every last bit of data is recovered after a hard drive crash in Yarrambat.

Our services include providing hard drive data recovery to drives which have failed due to mechanical or logical errors and ensure recovery as soon as possible. The mechanical errors can occur due to the fact that the parts of a hard drive such as the spindle motor, heads, platters, and head actuator are sealed in a single chamber. Apart from the wear that comes due to the friction, another cause of failure can be overheating of the drive. This can happen because the chamber that stores the moving parts is not particularly good at removing thermal energy and functions as an insulator.

The most common failure that occurs in hard disk drives with time is the Head Failure. To help our clients deal with this, Recover Squad ensures the best tools, and the most experienced engineers work on the drives to recover your data in Yarrambat.


Reasons to Get Data Recovery

At Recovery Squad, we have years of experience in recovering data from hard drives of decade old models to the most recent Ironwolf drives meant to store your gaming data at lightning-fast speeds. We also recover data from the drives of MacBook laptops and iMac Desktops, so don’t panic if you’re an apple user. Please rest assured at as long as you get to us before trying out DIY recovery solutions, your data loss situation will be temporary only.

Trying out DIY solutions can cause permanent data loss and make any kind of recovery impossible. When data is normally deleted, it isn’t deleted permanently, only its sector is marked as writable. This means that it can still be recovered. Unfortunately, when running DIY recovery software, it can often cause the loss of your data as the free software does not come with write protection inbuilt. This can cause the data to be overwritten and make it lost forever.

Our professional data recovery software comes ready with write protection to enable the safety of your data in all situations that may arise during the recovery process. Moreover, your hard drive can have physical damage which can be extremely hard to recover from if you are not a hardware expert. Our experienced engineers are always here to help assist you in recovering your data in Yarrambat and give your data back to you in no time.

SSD Data Recovery in Yarrambat

SSDs are extremely fast drives for storing your data in a secure location. They also don’t possess any mechanical parts which prevents wear from friction. However, SSDs come with issues of their own. They have a maximum read/write limit after which the drive does not remain functional. They are also prone to heating up under load which can also affect the way your solid state drive functions and reduce its lifespan.

Moreover, since SSDs are very fast, it is also very easy to accidently delete important data within your SSD without even realizing it. This can create various problems especially if you needed that important data for your work.

However, this is not a cause for concern as Recovery Squad offers the best SSD data recovery in Yarrambat. Our engineers are trained to operate on failing SSDs and extract the data onto a fresh hard drive for you. We have innovative methods that can allow us to work with SSDs of every make and model including those from brands such as:


We understand the importance of the data stored in an SSD and can help you to prevent disaster in such situations by recovering your data in the shortest time frame possible.

Reasons for Data Recovery

We often receive failing or formatted SSDs from users who had no hope of being reunited with their data. We help change that system by ensuring that your data gets recovered. Some common causes of data loss include damaged laptop, water damage on SSD, electric short circuit on SSD, overheated SSD, expired SSD, malware or virus corruption on your SSD, and formatted SSD.

In all of the above cases, Recovery Squad is here to help with the best SSD recovery service in Yarrambat. Our commitment to protect your data from damage allows us to provide the best customer service of any data recovery company in Australia.

How We Get Your Data Back Fast

At Recovery Squad, we can handle recovering data from the oldest to the most modern models of SSDs. If you are experiencing data loss in a model not frequently treated by other recovery centers, please don’t panic. We will definitely get your data back to you and ensure maximum data recovery in the shortest time span. 

PC and Mac Data Recovery in Yarrambat

In most desktop PCs, iMacs, MacBooks, and Laptops the chances of physical damage causing data loss are quite rare. Moreover, most modern computers come with SSDs instead of hard drives which are immune to mechanical failure. However, these devices can also have data loss from time to time. The most common cause here is corruption, malware, or accidental deletion.

In all of the above cases, you can rely on Recovery Squad to help you recover your data in Yarrambat. We suggest that as a precautionary measure, you should turn off your computer the moment you encounter such a problem as it can prevent the system from overwriting the deleted files. Once this is done, you don’t have to worry about extracting your storage drive from the computer, instead just bring the whole computer over to our office in Yarrambat and we will have your data recovered as soon as possible.

PC Brands We Recover

Reasons to Get Data Recovery

Depending on the cause of your data loss, you may require data recovery services in Yarrambat. We can understand the panic that comes with the loss of essential data and are committed to minimizing this pain as soon as possible. Some common cases include accidentally deleting files or entire folders, malware or virus corruption, OS related file corruption, master boot record corruption, physical damage, boot loop, power surge, and more.

In all of the above situations, it is easy to resort to panic and believe that you will not get your precious data back. However, with Recovery Squad’s promise to retrieve your data, you have nothing to worry about. Please simply turn your device off and bring it to our repair center where our technician will take a look at it before the engineer can bring your data back.

How We Help You Get Your Data Back

Once our engineer begins the recovery process, in most cases it is similar to data recovery from a hard drive or an SSD. However, in some cases where virus corruption or physical damage is involved, we may need a little more time to retrieve your data back for you. Please don’t worry and leave the retrieval process to the experts as our engineers ensure your data comes back to you safe and sound.

Flash Drive Data Recovery in Yarrambat

Flash drives are the most useful device when it comes to carrying your data from one place to another. However, as convenient as they are, they are also extremely prone to data loss. The worst part of this is that a majority of people entrust their precious data on these tiny devices which aren’t as reliable as hard drives or cloud storage.

You can encounter data loss problems in flash drives due to a variety of reasons ranging from physical damage to data corruption from the OS itself. These errors are relatively common, and our engineers are well equipped to deal with them. Recovery Squad can ensure your flash drive recovery in Yarrambat within the same day unless it has encountered physical damage in which case it may take more time.

Reasons to Get Flash Drive Recovery Data Recovery

There can be several situations in which the owner of a flash drive may require data recovery. The most common cases that we encounter on a daily basis are:

Physical Damage:

This is the most common cause of flash drive data loss as the USB connection on a normal flash drive is very weak and can be easily broken or bent in the process of everyday usage and commute. It can also cause damage to the internal board of the flash drive which can create further problems in recovering the data.

At our Yarrambat flash drive recovery lab, Recovery Squad’s trained engineers are able to carefully recover the data from damaged flash drives. Apart from this, they can also place it on a donor board to recover the data in extreme cases of physical damage on flash drives.

Data Corruption:

Liquid and Heat Damage

Data corruption can have severe consequences on the last night before an important presentation, and it can’t also be predicted. There can be several factors which can cause data to become corrupted. This can include OS failures, electrical surges or static electricity, viruses and other malware, software malfunction, and even removing the flash drive in the middle of a transfer.

Like all other electronics, even flash drives are vulnerable against liquid and heat damage. They can faulter like any other device under this pressure and it can happen from anything like a little rain to extreme submersion. They can also react to heat and experience damage from direct sunlight.

How to Protect Your Flash Drives?

At Recovery Squad, we have expert engineers who will ensure that you will be able to recover all your data from your damage USB drive. Even so, it is always better to prevent that data loss in the first place. You can do this by:

  • Never leave a connected USB drive unattended to a laptop or desktop. It is a common scenario where users forget about the connected flash drive and end up moving their laptop in a way that causes the flash drive to break.

  • Never expose your flash drive to extreme temperatures. Also, it is never a good idea to leave your USB drive open in a car in the heat as it can fry the internal components of the drive.

  • Never plug your USB drive into a USB plug or socket adapter as the electrical surge will instantly ruin it.

  • Before unplugging your flash drive, always use the option to “remove” or “eject” from the OS before actually removing the flash drive as this can help you prevent data corruption in the USB drive.

How We Help You Get Your Data Back

At Recovery Squad, our engineers have been expertly trained in ensuring that no data is lost during the recovery process. We ensure that your data is brought back to you in its purest form with advance data recovery methods. We also have failsafe methods in place in our custom recovery software which prevent any data from being overwritten during analysis or recovery.

Our services aren’t simply limited to standard NAND USB drives, but also to monolithic USB drives. We can recover the data from a monolithic flash drive with easy even if it has been damaged with our sophisticated recovery boards. After the data has been recovered, we can return it to you on a brand new flash drive or upload it to the cloud service of your choice. Please note, in order to protect your privacy, we delete your data from our systems after seven days of recovery, so please get back to us within those seven days if you need more assistance. Whenever you encounter USB drive data loss in Yarrambat, Recovery Squad is here for you.

Camera Card Data Recovery in Yarrambat

Camera cards can range from SD cards to MicroSD card, both of which are used to capture and store the best of our memories today. If you store your precious family or vacation photos on your SD card and encounter data loss problems with it, it can be quite devastating. Instead of trying internet mentioned tips, leave the camera card data recovery in Yarrambat to the experts.

The card can encounter data loss because of several reasons, and we have counters for all of them. Whether your SD card has physical damage, liquid damage, corrupted sectors, or has been accidentally formatted, this is no reason for panic. We can ensure the recovery of your data in the shortest time frame possible and reunite you with your precious data.

How We Help Get Your Data Back

At Recovery Squad, our engineers are experts and managing camera card data recovery in Yarrambat. This is because, after years of experience in recovering data from every make and model of camera card, we have developed a fool-proof system that can recover data with the highest probability of success in every situation. This also includes cases where the camera card has been physically damaged.

  • Never leave your camera card out in the open, if not in use, store it in a safe space which will prevent it from falling.

  • Do not expose your camera card to extreme heat or water, keeping it within your camera, or the case should help you prevent unnecessary damage to your card.

  • Before formatting your card, always make sure that you have transferred all the data from it, or that there isn’t any data on it that wouldn’t be needed by you.

  • Before unplugging your camera card always use the “remove” or “eject” option from your OS to prevent any data corruption.

Reasons to Get Camera Card Data Recovery

When dealing with camera cards, it can be quite hard to deal with data problems that are bound to arise with time. Some of the most common cases of camera card data loss in Yarrambat include:

Physical Damage:

Since camera cards are usually very small, they can be easily dropped, bent, or even crushed which can damage the internal components in seconds. This can cause extreme problems for the precious data stored on the camera card.

Data Corruption:

Data corruption in camera cards is mostly caused due to static electricity, software issues, or incorrectly removing the device such as when it is in the middle of a transfer. These situations can be easily prevented with a little extra care.

Accidental Formatting or Deletion:

Camera cards can sometimes get accidently reformatted when users aren’t sure if the data has been transferred to the computer or not. These situations can seem disastrous, but can be easily fixed if you simply stop using the card, turn off the device the card is plugged into, and then remove it and bring it to our data recovery lab in Yarrambat.

Liquid and Heat Damage:

Camera cards are also equally vulnerable to heat and water. Both the situations can result in instant loss of data and damage to the card’s internal components.

CCTV Camera Data Recovery in Yarrambat

CCTV Cameras offer the best support for security systems in today’s world. Just by knowing they are being watched, people are a lot less likely to commit an offence. This makes it important to retain the footage of the CCTV camera. Unfortunately, these devices are just as prone to experiencing data loss as others on this list. Moreover, since they are kept outside with the elements, CCTV data loss in Yarrambat is a frequent incident.

While many CCTV cameras come with inbuilt cloud backup options, they are not  failsafe. This is especially true considering that CCTV cameras are popular targets for hackers and other forms of cybercrime. Even if your CCTV camera backs up the data to a FTP server, it is possible that it may be attacked and render the data corrupted.

However, this shouldn’t be cause for concern because Recovery Squad is here to help with all your data recovery in Yarrambat requirements. We have trained professionals who can expertly handle all forms of data loss in CCTV cameras  and help you recover the important footage.

Why You May Need Data Recovery

Some of the most common causes of CCTV camera data loss that we encounter are:

  • Liquid or heat damage
  • Logical failure
  • Physical damage
  • Virus attack
  • Damaged storage device
  • Accidental deletion
  • Intentional deletion by someone else
  • WiFi issues
  • Cyberattack

How We Help Get Your Data Back

There’s no cause for concern in any of the above scenarios when you have access to premium data recovery services in Yarrambat by Recovery Squad. We have trained engineers who can ensure that your data gets back to you safe and sound within the shortest time span possible. So, if you are experiencing CCTV data loss, please don’t try out DIY methods that may cause further deletion of the data and instead rely on the expert hands of Recovery Squad.

RAID Data Recovery in Yarrambat

The RAID Array form of storage is an exceptionally well build system that uses redundancy to deal with data loss. Unfortunately, if you have bought your RAID device from a store without knowing much about it, it is likely you will not be able recover the data by yourself in the event of a RAID failure in Yarrambat.

To fix situations such as these, it is better to rely on experts. At Recovery Squad, we have engineers who are well versed in dealing with RAID array problems and can help you to swap out the failing drive with a new one while keeping all your data intact.

Reasons to Get Data Recovery

While the purpose of a RAID array is to ensure there is always a backup of your data with redundancy, they do encounter failures at times. These situations often get aggravated in cases where users try out DIY methods that they read about on the internet instead of actually relying on an expert for the job. The most common cases of RAID failure in Yarrambat include:

  • RAID controller failure
  • Lost RAID configuration
  • Accidental reconfiguration of RAID array
  • Multiple drives failing at once
  • Missing RAID partition
  • Virus or malware attack
  • Formatted RAID partition
  • Mechanical fault in RAID drives (only in the case of HDDs and not in SSDs)

 If you encounter any of the above scenarios, here is a list of things to keep in mind if you want your data recovered safely:

  • Do not reinitialize RAID drives
  • Do not change the sequence of the RAID drives
  • Never reinstall the OS
  • Never create new partitions
  • Immediately turn off the RAID array after hearing unusual sounds from the drives
  • Label all drives as per their position in the array
  • Always get help from an expert instead of DIY methods from the internet.

How We Get Your Data Back

At Recovery Squad, we have dealt with several RAID and NAS devices to help restore them back to operational use without the loss of the data. Once you bring the RAID array to our Yarrambat RAID recovery lab, our technicians can begin by analyzing the array to check whether it has a logical error or if the drives themselves have suffered damage.

Once the cause of failure and best method for recovery have been determined, our technician will send you a report with a fixed quote. Once you approve the process, our expert RAID engineers will begin the recovery process with a guarantee of the highest success rate. After recovery, we can transfer the data to your preferred storage device or cloud service.

iPhone and Android Data Recovery in Yarrambat

Both Android and iOS devices have their basis in the grounds of UNIX which makes both operating systems to work quite well. Unfortunately, these devices don’t come with any inbuilt fixes for the data problems and would definitely need expert assistance to get back lost data. For all kinds of iPhone and Android Data Recovery in Yarrambat, you can feel free to rely on Recovery Squad as we will provide the fastest recovery times with the highest success rates.

Why You May Need Data Recovery

Since mobile phones do not come with an inbuilt method to restore data or backup without manually setting it up first, you may encounter data loss in various situations including:

  • Malware corruption
  • Accidental deletion
  • OS caused deletion
  • Accidental factory data reset
  • Accidental formatting SD card
  • Liquid or heat damage
  • Physical damage
  • Electrical damage
  • OS caused corruption
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