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Most Reliable Data Recovery Services in Melbourne

Recovery Squad has a team of experienced professionals who are ready to take on data recovery tasks when you need them. Our experts are some of the most trusted professions in the field of data recovery, and we have been working in it for over a decade. Some of our common data recovery services in Melbourne include;

Hard Drive Disk Data Recovery

We have data recovery experts who are capable of extracting and recovering data from all kinds of hard drives. Whether your drive has a SATA, SCSI, SAS, or IDE connector, we can help you get your precious data back in time.

For cases in which the damage isn’t severe such as when you accidentally deleted your data or formatted your hard drive, you can get your data recovered in the same day.

Even with complex cases such as when your hard drive may have experienced physical damage, or may have a faulty connector, we will deliver your recovered data in the fasted time possible. You can rely on our data recovery engineers to assist you in recovering your data in even the most complex data corruption problems.

The Most Common Cases We Encounter in Melbourne

Everyday, our engineers come across various cases of data loss. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Data Accidentally Deleted
  • Hard Drive Firmware Failed
  • Dead Hard Drive
  • Hard Drive Accidentally Formatted
  • Physically Damaged Hard Drive
  • Hard Drive Head Broken
  • Hard Drive PCB Failure

SD Card Recovery

SD cards are one of the most preferred means of data storage when using smartphones or cameras. Most people use them to store some of their most important memories in the form of photos, videos, documents, and more. However, SD cards are also prone to getting damaged, being accidentally formatted, virus attacks, data corruption, etc.

The Most Common Cases We Encounter in Melbourne

For most of the SD card cases that we encounter, we try to solve them via software and return the SD card to you on the same day. However, some of the problems can get a little more complex and may take longer to fix.

Simple Cases

  1. Accidentally Deleted SD Card Data
  2. Accidentally Formatted SD Card
  3. Corrupted SD Card
  4. Virus Affected Photos
  5. Files Damaged

Complex Cases

  1. Physically Damaged SD Card
  2. Broken SD Card
  3. Hairline Crack in SD Card

USB Data Recovery

USB drives are used to carry most of our data these days thanks to their portability and high storage capacities. While some people may use them to store photos and videos, most people use USB flash drives for work documents. Unfortunately, USB drives are just as susceptible to corruption as any other storage medium. This can cause people to lose their precious work, and even create further problems in the future.

The Most Common Cases We Encounter in Melbourne

For most USB drive cases, we do our best to have them resolved the same day that you bring your device over. However, cases that involve physical damage to the flash drive can take longer to fix.

Simple Cases:

  • Accidentally formatted USB drive
  • Accidentally deleted USB drive data
  • Corrupted USB drive
  • Fragmented USB drive
  • Virus infection in USB drive

Complex Cases:

  • Physically damaged USB drive
  • Short Circuit in USB drive
  • Water damage in USB drive

Apart from the above-mentioned devices, we also provide data recovery services for devices such as flash micro-SD cards, Compact Disks, etc.

Raid Server Data Recovery

Even the most protected servers in the world aren’t exactly data-loss-proof. Our team of specialists is well experienced in handling data loss cases in server systems such as RAID array storage, Network servers, or large storage network servers. For all of these cases, we provide services to help you recover data from any kind of physical damage or logical damage that may have occurred in the server to cause it to lose data. We also have professional data recovery services that cater towards virtual servers.

Common Server Related Cases that We Encounter

  • Lost Data Indexing in Server
  • Virtual Server Data Loss
  • Deleted Server Data
  • Damaged Server
  • Failing RAID Array
  • RAID 5 Failure

We also offer services that cater to recovering databases, SQL servers, accounting data, datasets, and big data recovery from your workstation computers.

All of our services are provided by trained and experienced engineers, and are 100% safe.

Unlike free software on the internet that promises to recover your data but actually ends up making things worse, we have several failsafe mechanisms in place as contingencies that prevent your data from being overwritten. We know the value of your precious data and take every step to protect and recover it.



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  2.  After that, we will take Media Assessment and Evaluation
  3. Start the Data Recovery in Melbourne Office
  4. Data Verification through mannualy and tools
  5. Payment and other formalities
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  • Immediate Technical Assistance
  • Emergency service for all critical Recoveries
  • Transparent Recovery Process
  • Minimum downtime
  • Secure & Certified Process
  • High Recovery Rate
  • Same Day Assessment
  • Customer Support

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Absolutely. Here at Recovery Squad, we take every measure to protect your data from being written over in the recovery process. When you handover your machine or storage device to us, you can rest assured for the safety of your data.

Your Privacy is our Priority. None of our employees will ever willingly or otherwise go through the contents of your data. Your data is your property and we at Recovery Squad respect that.

We always strive to deliver your recovered data in the shortest timespan possible. For very simple cases of data being accidentally deleted, we can hand the device to you on the same day. For more complex situations, please contact our engineers and they will inform you of the fastest timeframe.

So if you have lost some of your precious data lately, stop trying to rely on DIY methods given on the internet. Contact Recovery Squad now for the best Data Recovery in Melbourne.

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