DJI drones have revolutionized aerial photography, capturing stunning visuals from new angles.  However, operating a drone can present challenges, like SD card error codes.  These errors affect the card that stores your footage.

This guide explores common DJI SD card error codes.  We’ll explain what causes them and how to fix them.  With clear explanations and solutions, we aim to minimize disruptions and ensure a smooth experience.  

The following sections will cover common causes like incompatible cards or outdated firmware, and provide step-by-step solutions to get you back in the air.  This guide helps DJI drone operators to overcome technical hurdles and keep capturing amazing aerial imagery.

Incompatible Cards and Outdated Firmware

Many errors, like the “SD Card Malfunction” (code 10023) or “Formatting Failed” message, often boil down to two main culprits: using an SD card that’s not quite DJI’s best friend, or having outdated firmware on your drone and controller.

The fix? Check DJI’s website for their recommended SD card list. These cards are specifically tested to work flawlessly with your DJI gear. Next, update your drone and controller’s firmware using the DJI app or DJI Assistant 2 software. Updating firmware is like giving your drone a fresh coat of digital paint, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Cleaning Up Your Act: Dust, Debris, and Reformatting

Sometimes, a physical issue can cause problems. If you’re getting an error code, gently remove your SD card and check the slot for any dust or debris. A quick clean with a cotton swab can do wonders.

If dust isn’t the problem, consider reformatting the SD card. Think of formatting like decluttering your digital attic. It erases any existing data and file system errors, giving your drone a clean slate to work with. Just remember, formatting deletes everything on the card, so back up any important footage first! Most DJI drones allow formatting directly through the app, but you can also do it on your computer.

Error Codes 10025 and 40007

If you’re seeing code 10025 (“File System Error”) or 40007 (“SD Card Read/Write Error”), it might be a sign of a more stubborn issue. These errors can point to a corrupted SD card or a problem with the SD card reader itself.

For a corrupted card, some data recovery software might be able to salvage your precious footage. However, this process can be tricky, and there’s no guarantee of success. Investing in a new, high-quality SD card is usually the safer bet.

If the problem persists after trying a new card, there’s a chance the SD card reader within your drone needs attention. In this case, contacting DJI support is the best course of action. Their experts can diagnose the problem and recommend the most suitable solution.

Be Kind to Your SD Card

Below is a guide to help you maintain your DJI SD card and prevent common problems like viruses, corruption, and physical damage. Follow these essential maintenance tips to keep your SD card in top shape.

Stop Malware in Its Tracks

  • Download DJI software and firmware exclusively from their official website to avoid malicious downloads.
  • Protect your computer with the latest antivirus and anti-malware software. Only install programs from trusted sources.

Invest Wisely in Reliable SD Cards

  • Stick with reputable SD card manufacturers to avoid unreliable or faulty cards.
  • Purchase memory cards from authorized stores. It’s best to avoid used SD cards or flash drives.

Prevent File Corruption

  • Always eject the SD card from your DJI drone before removing it physically.
  • Never remove the SD card while recording or transferring data.
  • Only use reliable applications to access files on your SD card.
  • Use specialized software for changing file extensions or file systems.

Shield Your SD Card from Physical Harm

  • Keep your SD card in a secure location. Away from children, moisture, and extreme temperatures.
  • Protect your SD card from water, dirt, dust, and sunlight by using the original storage case.

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To sum up

DJI drones and SD cards are a great combo for capturing stunning visuals. But a bad SD card can quickly ruin your fun.

SD cards are handy for storing and moving data, but they can also be delicate and prone to issues. This guide will show you how to fix common DJI SD card problems.

For corrupted cards, our SD card data recovery services can help you retrieve lost files. We also offer repairs for damaged DJI videos using trusted software. So please don’t let a bad SD card ruin your mood– let us help you recover your memories.