Data Retrieval From iPhones & Other Apple Mobile Devices in Frankston

Most people today simply cannot live without their iPhones and other iOS-based mobile electronics. As such centerpieces of life, these devices routinely store all a person’s most vital information. When misfortune does occur and someone loses access to their data on an iPhone or iPad, it is both catastrophic and traumatic. With that said, take comfort in knowing that we can likely help you recover all your lost files.

What Relevant Experience Do We Have?

We are experts at rescuing data from iOS-based mobile electronics that have been damaged by impacts, water, fire, or various kinds of corruptions. Our technicians utilize a variety of advanced techniques to handle almost any nightmare scenario you can imagine. The following are some of the most common iPhone and iPad issues we have successfully dealt with:

  • √ Dead Device: There are many possible reasons for this problem, ranging from those easily fixed to much more severe issues. A damaged screen, bad power button, dead battery, or a hardware malfunction could explain this situation. When handling this scenario, we extract your data from the memory chip and save it in a transfer file for you.
  • √ Apple Logo Screen Freeze: In many instances, a client’s iOS device will freeze on the Apple logo screen. Typically this indicates a hardware malfunction and requires professional assistance. We generally solve this problem by fixing the failing component.
  • √ Recovery/DFU Mode Freeze: This often results from a failed iOS jailbreak or update. We usually fix this issue by stopping the factory reset.
  • √ Grey Lines Across the Screen: Generally, this occurs after a phone has been hit or dropped. It usually means your screen is damaged. Do not attempt to log in, or your damaged phone will likely lock you out.
  • √ Red Screen: Most times, a red screen is a sign that your phone is suffering the effects of water damage or has malfunctioning hardware. If you ever see a red screen, turn the phone off, do not attempt to turn it back on, and unplug it from the charger. This problem we correct by cleaning up the liquid with high-tech cleaning tools and/or fixing/replacing the faulty hardware.

What is One Advanced Technique You Have for Recovering My Data?

One of the more impressive data retrieval methods we have at our disposal is the chip-off technique. This involves us physically removing the memory chip of your device and using forensic tools to extract its information. While this method is often unnecessary, it is a useful tool for extracting data from severely damaged mobile electronics.