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Synology NAS is a personal cloud solution that offers quick and painless network installation. The new NAS has the capability to seamlessly handle multiple tasks, concurrently accessing your multimedia files, handling file-sharing across devices, creating your own cloud with its integrated BitTorrent Download Station, and monitoring the health of your system with the Disk Health Monitor tool. It employs a Web-based interface that eliminates the complexity of carrying out complex configurations on the NAS itself. A new, sleek modern design contributes to greater aesthetic appeal.

Of course, they are vulnerable to various errors, including human factors. For example, accidental removal of a drive, software and hardware failures, mistakes in configuration, etc. may result in losing important information regardless of the fault tolerance that the storage system

If you experience an error, your Synology NAS may no longer provide you access to the file storage. You will need a specialized software tool or NAS Data recovery service provider to extract your data from the failed Synology NAS.

After deletion, you can try and recover files from the Network Recycle Bin, and in a second, you’re going to see us do all of these things.

How to recover files from the Recycle Bin

If you accidentally deleted some files on your network drive, you can recover them from the system Recycle Bin. First, check if this option is enabled for the relevant folder.

Enable the Recycle Bin by going to Control Panel >> Shared folder, then find the required folder, select it and click Edit:

If you find your NAS device’s Recycle directory, right-click on the files you tried to remove, click “Download” or “Copy to /Move to” to save them on your computer.

After that, go to the folder where you deleted a file and see if you can find it there. This is how you can restore a deleted file on a NAS device.

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How to recover data when the Recycle Bin is disabled

If you can’t restore data from your Recycle Bin, or if that option was disabled when the data was deleted, it may be possible to recover deleted files from a third-party tool or reliable data recovery service providers

How to recover data from a Synology Hybrid RAID

Synology Hybrid RAID (a trademark of Synology, a well-known company in the storage industry) is a type of software designed to simplify data storage management and satisfy the needs of users who are new to the vast variety of RAID systems.

Let’s look into how to recover data from a Synology Hybrid RAID. First of all, a Synology Hybrid RAID (or SHR) is a system developed to simplify data storage management and satisfy the needs of new users who are unfamiliar with the complexities of storage systems.

You can combine multiple disks to create a volume with the required capacity and performance, while using less disk space, and achieving more storage flexibility. With a sufficient number of disks, this RAID type ensures redundancy for one or two disks, which means that the disk array is able to continue operation even when one or two disks are lost.

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Unfortunately, there aren’t any free backup solutions that support this RAID type, but Recovery Squad is able to retrieve your data.

To start the recovery, you need to contact Recovery Squad, fill in the data recovery job order form, and ship your storage device to the Recovery Squad office. As soon as you have filled in the recovery form, you will be received a recovery job order. With the data loss details, we will start recovering your files immediately. You can also decide which files or folders to recover and then print a copy of your order form.

In NAS devices, there are various RAID systems that can be implemented, such as those using the operating system and those using the data.

If you have a RAID configured to be the operating system, it will be installed to the array so that it can be managed by your NAS. If you have a RAID of data, your array will only store information and your operating system will be installed internally.

Recovery Squad can recover data from RAID arrays that are broken into smaller fragments. With Recovery Squad, the odds of you losing any data is very slim because, during the disk scan, Recovery Squad looks for all possible RAID patterns and identifies each array’s “operating system” disk.

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